Cassie – Adopt Me!

Mamá Luna’s Puppy Rescue ~ Puppy Rap Sheet

Name of Dog: Sassy Miss Cassie aka Cassie
Approximate DOB: 29 December 2022
Date of Rescue: 9 February 2023
Best Guess of Breeds: Pit Bull/labrador mix
Colors: Fawn with white
Current Weight: 35 pounds  (updated May 26, 2023) 
Estimated Adult Weight: 60-70 pounds
Available Date for Local Adoption: 18 April 2023
Available Date for USA Adoption: 18 May 2023
Free of fleas and ticks, thanks to Bravecto Flea and Tick medication
Free of parasites and other diseases
Fully vaccinated with all puppy shots and a one-year rabies vaccine

I cannot tell a lie. When the Pantéon 4 arrived, Cassie was probably my least favorite of the litter. My how things have changed! In the beginning, as the biggest pup, she was a bully and a piggy, pushing all the others aside to get her share of the food and more. These days, she is becoming my favorite. She is just a big love bug, content to sit in my lap, lavish love, and eat up all the affection that flows her way. She has the softest lab mouth of them all, she is teaching herself to fetch, and she is generally a sweet and wonderful dog! My hope is that Cassie finds a family who can lavish as much love upon her as she has to give. She is growing up to be one amazing dog!

You can click here to watch Cassie grow!

And click here if you would like detailed information on how to adopt the sweet, sassy, and beautiful Cassie!

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