The Pantéon Four

Discarded like so many faded cemetery flowers

Back on February 9th, heading past the cemetery and towards the Sierra Madre trail, I saw two tiny puppies wandering aimlessly on the road. As I headed towards them I was greeted by the cries of two more puppies by the side of the road in a box lined with one worn out towel.

“Fuck Me” are the only two words that crossed my mind. I had just rescued Laddie and Layla from my neighbor and I really had no intention of making a habit of rescuing abandoned puppies. Although it seems that my entire life here in Todos Santos has been spent rescuing lost babies.

I hadn’t taken my babies out walking in a few days due to a particularly nasty Lyme flare so I felt it wasn’t fair to cut the walk short before it even began. I did tell myself that if the puppies were still there when I returned I would take them home. Of course, you know what greeted me upon my return.

I gathered up the four flea-infested babies, put them back in the box, and drove directly to the vet to have them tested from parasites, giardia, parvo, and coronavirus. Turns out, these four wee little things were barely six weeks old, definitely not weaned, and already infected with giardia. That first night I kept them in my room but they kept crying, climbing out of the box, and trying to do their business on my rug. Thank goodness I already had a small enclosure outside my bedroom and a large dog crate to house the four. Still, it was a tenuous few weeks. At just six weeks old the babies were basically house-trained, crying to me every few hours to be let out of their enclosure and take care of business.

I’m thrilled to report that just more than three months later the puppies are all fat, sassy, super healthy, and completely vaccinated! They were spayed and neutered on April 15th. For anyone in Baja California Sur they are available for adoption now. If you live in the USA they will be ready to fly north on May 18th.

My best guess is that they are Labrador/pit mix, with a few other breeds sprinkled in – true Baja Beach Babies. In temperament they seem more lab to me, with soft mouths, an innate urge to fetch, and a huge love of food! They are lovable and playful and have been well socialized with both humans and other dogs. I do not know how they are with kids or cats as I don’t have any. They have been feasting on the best puppy chow I can buy, have had excellent veterinary care, received their first dose of Bravecto Flea and Tick medication, and are sterilized.

DM me if you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful babies. All proceeds from every adoption will be reinvested in Mamá Luna’s Puppy Rescue so I can help the next batch of abandoned babies that cross my path.

Click here if you would like detailed information on how to adopt one of the sweet and beautiful MoonDawgs!


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