​A Glamorous Life


If you wanted to know about an ordinary day in the glamorous life of a world traveler, here it is.

My day started like any other day. I woke up, put on water for coffee. Dumped the dregs of yesterday’s pot and rinsed it out. While the water was boiling I let Luna out for a little sniff and pee. Once coffee was done, we headed out for a lovely two-mile stroll down the beach, punctuated by a swim in the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Once I returned, I changed into my least stinky dirty clothes and got down to the business of the day, a little home maintenance. I pulled out the electrical tape and went to work. First, I taped up the refrigerator door-handle, which had a broken top hinge, and taped that back together. Next, I taped up two broken window latches. Done with the tape, I moved on to the bathroom where I rinsed all the dog hair and sand down the drain. Since my hands were already wet, I decided to tackle the spilled and rotten condiments in the refrigerator.

That done, I moved on to the water tank. The previous day I had made the bone-jarring trip into La Ribera. I was lucky to find the Agua Purificada station on this trip and was able to fill up my 29-gallon water tank. Somehow, by the time I arrived back at camp there was about three gallons of water remaining and a completely soaked carpet. I had been mopping it up with my spare towels and hanging them out to dry, which happens very quickly in the dry heat of Baja. I found myself lying on the soaked carpet trying to find a broken pipe. All I found was a barely loosened connection. It would appear that water travels fast.

I guess it was all good, because when I got under my rig to look for the leak I realized that my rear, inside tire was flat. What good luck! There is a llantera (tire shop) in Cabo Pulmo and they make house calls. The whole family came the following day and fixed my flat.

Next up was the task I had been dreading. My tanks were full to over-flowing and there is no dump station out these boonies. I had to drive my rig up the arroyo, dig a hole deep enough to handle the effluent of two tanks (yup, shit, piss, and dirty water), empty the tanks and fill up the hole. That was definitely the highlight of my day!

From the arroyo, I decided it was best to drive around for a while to charge up my auxiliary battery. I didn’t want my refrigerator to turn off on me again.

Two hours later I was back at camp. I decided that I had done enough for one day. I changed back into my swimsuit, grabbed Luna, and we headed back to the Sea of Cortez for another long, hard-earned session in the turquoise waters.

Sheila Moon

I'm a dropout of the USA, living la Vida Loca in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. I'm a recovering Lyme Disease Warrior. I play in the dirt and I wander the beach with my three faithful companions. When I'm not doing that, I try to craft words for your amusement and enlightenment.

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