Catrina – Adopt me!

Mamá Luna’s Puppy Rescue ~ Puppy Rap Sheet

Name of Dog: Catrina
Approximate DOB: 15 January 2022
Date of Rescue: 23 March 2023
Best Guess of Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog Mix/Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Colors: White with tan and black
Current Weight: 20 pounds
Estimated Adult Weight: 25 pounds
Estimated Date for Local Adoption: 16 May 2023
Estimated Date for USA Adoption: 16 June 2023
Free of fleas and ticks, thanks to Bravecto Flea and Tick medication
Free of parasites and other diseases
Fully vaccinated with all puppy shots and a one-year rabies vaccine

Catrina and her sister Banshee arrived on March 23. If you were looking for a pair of pups these two would be perfect and they would thrive in each other’s company. They had been rescued from an arroyo by a local family and cared for until I took them in. Catrina loves tearing around the yard and wrestling with her pack-mates, especially her sister. But she is always ready for a snuggle in my lap, happy to just curl up and go to sleep. She has been spayed; given Bravecto flea and tick meds; is fully vaccinated; and is ready for adoption locally. If you live up north, dogs are required to have their rabies vaccination one month before flying, so she can fly as early as June 12. Catrina will make a great trail companion. She isn’t fully leashed trained but she is great at off-leash walking. She is very friendly with humans and loves to wrestle with canine companions.

You can click here to watch Catrina grow!

Click here if you want detailed information about how to adopt this adorable MoonDawg.

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