In the beginning, I wanted to be Perry Mason. Well, maybe not Perry Mason the man, but I wanted to be clever and determined lawyer, drive around in cool cars, have Paul Drake at my beck and call, and solve impossible murders every week. Then I learned that you have to study a lot, go to college for six years, take an incredibly hard test that almost everyone fails the first time, after all that you can finally be Perry Mason.

Next, I wanted to be a creative genius in the big shiny world of the San Francisco Advertising Agency. I graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. I moved to San Francisco. I did a few informational interviews and a few real interviews. When a classmate who studied economics, and whose mother was a minor celebrity in the local news scene, got the job I wanted I decided that maybe the advertising world wasn’t my world. Everyone told me I had to start as the receptionist and work my way up. That is not how I roll.

Then, I decided I was going to be a famous fashion designer. I would have my name both in lights and on the label of thousands of garments as they rolled off the production line. I suppose this made a bit more sense, I learned to sew when I was five years old, and I always loved fashion. So I spent two years in the hell called Los Angeles, completed my degree in Fashion Design, then I returned to San Francisco to make my dream a reality. Within a few years I had a warehouse, three industrial sewing machines, two dress forms, a three-panel work table, and labels that read: Sheila Moon. I fumbled around for a while in my first love, Designer Fashion. I grew disillusioned. I began racing bikes. I launched Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel, against the advice of all my friends in the bike industry, and a legend was born. Maybe just a legend in my own mind, but the mind is a powerful thing!

Being famous was so much fun! I got to travel to exciting places: Las Vegas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, New York, Richmond VA, Austin, Portland OR, Indianapolis, Boston, Chicago… I got to meet really cool people: Robin Williams, Gary Fisher, Thor Hushovd, Thomas Frischnecht, Ned Overend, Mario Cipollini, Miguel Indurain, Daniele Pontoni… I designed beautiful clothes. I was the genius creative director behind all the Sheila Moon promotional material. I suffered through stupid fun races such as the Single Speed World Championship in Napa CA, and the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Portland and Seattle, finally bringing the race home to my beloved Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I was The Sheila Moon – and it was good… until it wasn’t.

At a certain point my wheels began to spin, no matter how hard I tried, how many long nights and stressful days, I just wasn’t getting any traction. I discovered it was ok to quit. I could walk away from my dream before it became a nightmare. But in true Sheila Moon fashion, I could not just walk away. I converted my Honda Odyssey into a home on wheels, loaded up my faithful companion, Luna, and we headed south, Way South. Mexico Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica South.

Almost one year to the date of our departure, we rolled back into the Bay Area. Strains of Hotel California were running through my head, especially the line, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” I was so afraid I was going to get sucked back into that California lifestyle, and I did, but only for a year. One dark and stormy night I was crawling through a dumpster rescuing a small library of discarded books and I stumbled across the Moon Guide to Baja. Sun! Sea! Freedom in the new Wild West! (Baja) California here I come! I fell in love with Todos Santos, Baja California Sur on that first visit. I bought property on my second visit. I turned my back on the USofA on my third visit and now call Mexico “Home.”

I’m no longer The Sheila Moon. Contentedly, I spend my days playing with my four dogs, running, riding bikes, tending my mango orchard and organic garden, cooking up a storm in an effort to keep up with my bountiful harvest, writing the odd word or 1,000, sipping afternoon cappuccinos at my favorite cafes, and relaxing at the beach. In truth, being plain old Sheila Moon is pretty darned sweet.



  • Hello! I have a long sleeved black fleece/wool jacket with a pocket on the sleeve and a zipped pocket at the low back. I love this jacket and am wearing it out! Do you still make? Where can I go to purchase a replacement?

    FYI two strangers have approached me while wearing the jacket in Sacramento and said “wow, that’s a Sheila Moon jacket!” I’ve never had that happen with any other clothing lol!

    Thank you!


    • Thank you for your message. I’m flattered!
      Sadly, I’ve shuttered my clothing business and moved to Mexico. Those jackets flew away long ago. Treat it with the utmost care!


  • hi there! pity no one produces maternity cycling clothing anymore, hope you have a great time in mexico!


    • It is sad. Most companies have become so large they can’t dedicate a small segment of their product line to maternity.
      Thank you. Mexico is great!


  • and to think I ended up with your granola! I am flattered. 🙂 always fun seeing that smile of yours. great story! XX


  • I have recently purchased one of your biking skirts and have absolutely fallen in love with it! I would like to purchase more. Can you point me in the right direction! I’m not having any luck finding your bike skirts anywhere!


    • Dear
      Thank you so much for the message! I’m glad you are enjoying the skirt.
      I wish I could. I closed my business three years ago and donated all my remaining merchandise. You could try Trips for Kids in San Rafael, but after so long it could be a long shot.
      Happy Trails,


  • Thank you Sheila! I will give Trips for Kids in San Rafael a try! I appreciate you getting back to me!


  • I was never a big cyclist but my husband was and while we lived in Orlando, FL we shopped at Orange Cycle, whose co-owner (the wife) was very focused on offering women’s oriented products. I found your mesh tops and loved them. I went back and literally bought one of each that she had available – which totalled 4 sleeveless and 3 short sleeved. They’ve been packed away since we moved to Jacksonville about 10 years ago and my husband recently got back into cycling, pulling me along with him. I’ve saved your apparel all these years carefully packed away and now that I know you are no longer manufacturing, I feel like a collector. I love them and want to wear them but don’t want to wear them out! Thank you for making a beautiful and practical, well-thought out product for women. I’m sorry you are no longer making them and I’ll cherish what I have but congrats on finding a life that works for you. Best wishes to you!


    • Angel is the Best! I miss seeing her every year at the trade show.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I miss the designing and the people, but I’m so tired, still, from running a business.
      Happy trails to you and your husband!


  • Hi Sheila. I like to bike but always hate the silly traditional biking clothes that people wear. One day – about 3 years ago, i searched on the internet and found your company. I immediately loved your clothing. Funky, beautiful not dorky like the traditional ones .
    Now you closed your business, i can fund hardly anything to buy (boy do i regret not buying that cute dress you had!!).
    Anyways, thanks for sharing your story and know you have touched people’s lives


    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! I often miss my days in the limelight, and more often miss my days at the sewing machine creating cool new things. But change is good.
      You might want to check in with Trips for Kids in San Rafael. I donated boxes and boxes of merchandise to them. I don’t know if they have any left, but chances are good.
      Happy Trails!


  • Sheila, I just wanted to let you know that I have an older pair of your biking shorts and they are still my most comfortable:). I am online looking for another pair and will look at the site you referenced. Thank-you.


    • Thank you for your kind note! I’m getting to the point where I wish I had more of my own shorts! They have lasted a very long time, but they won’t last forever.


  • Thanks for being all of the Sheila’s you’ve been… and thanks in advance for all you have left to become. Like some of your other fans, we’ve been combing the internet for cycling apparel to replace my wife Roberta’s favorite Sheila Moon items. We’ll give Trips for Kids a go, as we’ve donated quite a bit of cycling stuff to them as well, but haven’t shopped there. Glad we stumbled onto this site. Thanks again.


  • Thank you Sheila for my most comfortable pair of spin pants. I truly hope you have a wonderful time with your mango orchard and organic garden. I will search the web for another pair of those incredible spin pants because my old ones finally wore out! Thanks for making spin great and congrats on moving on.


    • Sending a belated thank you for your message. I appreciate your thoughts. My own shorts are wearing thin so I might have to figure something out myself!
      Happy spinning!


  • Hi Sheila:
    After recovering from a serious knee injury, I was thinking it’s time to get back into cycling. I went through my cycling clothes yesterday and decided to treat myself to another pair of your amazing bike shorts only to find you are no longer in business. I see you are now enjoying a new life in Mexico! I just wanted to share why I love your cycling clothes so much. Besides being well made and with joyful colors, they fit my not-your-typical cyclists body. They gracefully allowed for my curves and I found no other brands so inclusive of all womens’ body shapes.

    I hope you’re enjoying life. Thank you for your amazing gift to womens cycling!! I will cherish my Sheila Moon pieces even more now.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! They really mean a lot to me. The farther I get away from my business the more I miss it. Maybe one day I will find a way to return. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my pups and mangos and the easy Baja life!

      Happy Trails to you on your road to recovery!


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