Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán

The first Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán was built in 1728 by the Jesuits. They systematically converted Amerindians in the region and eventually became the largest and most successful mission in Baja California, with a parish of more than 5,000 Amerindians. When the Jesuits were expelled from New Spain, the Dominicans took over the mission. In 1786 construction on the current building began. The queen of Spain donated millions of pesos to the project. The walls are four feet thick and built of local volcanic stone. Lumber was brought down from the Misión Guadalupe in the high sierra. Carved doors were shipped over from mainland Mexico. The mission façade is decorated with lions of León, castles of Castile, the crown of Spain, overlapping globes representing the Old and New Worlds, twin Pillars of Hercules, and pillars topped by the crowns of both Spain and Portugal. In 1976 the building was restored, largely in its original condition. It is still used for daily worship as well as special events such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms.

I was tempted to attend Sunday Mass.  I just could not bring myself to do it.


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