Look Closely and You Just Might Find….

As crazy as this sounds, I think my time in Baja California has been blessed with rain.  Crazy, because I am an Oregon girl and I left the state as quickly as I could ~ I could not stand the constant grey skies, drizzle, and outright pissing down rain.  A part of your childhood never leaves you.  I’m no longer an Oregon girl (ok, in my heart I will always be an Oregon girl), but I am not a huge fan of the desert either.  My favourite place to be is the jungle, humid and green and lush!  When I first arrived in Baja I felt like I was going to dry up and blow away.  Thankfully, I have found Todos Santos, BCS, which is a sweet little oasis in the desert.  I have also discovered, that if you look very closely, you will find wonderful and amazing treats when you least expect them.




Sheila Moon

I'm a dropout of the USA, living la Vida Loca in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. I'm a recovering Lyme Disease Warrior. I play in the dirt and I wander the beach with my three faithful companions. When I'm not doing that, I try to craft words for your amusement and enlightenment.

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