Queso de Cabra stuffed Dates

This recipe comes to you from the San Ignacio, a heavenly Date Palm Oasis!

Datiles y Queso de Cabra
Serves 4

Fun fact – dates are a great source of protein, potassium, and fiber.

4 ounces plain goat cheese or cream cheese
1 orange (zest entire orange, and juice ½ of the orange)
1 T sugar (optional)
12 dates, pitted

Remove cheese from the refrigerator to let it soften. Create orange zest by grating the orange portion of the orange peel with a very fine grater. Combine cheese, orange zest, orange juice, and sugar (if using) in a small bowl. Mash with a fork until the ingredients are well mixed and smooth and creamy.

To prepare the dates, slice one side of the date and remove the pit. The bigger the date the better. Stuff each date with cheese filling. Refrigerate until chilled.

Enjoy with your choice of fine sipping tequila.



Buen Provecho!


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